Activities to do in Jim Corbett


Open Gypsy Safaris


The Open Gypsy Safaris is one of the most exciting activities of the Corbett national park. The safari is taken place within the green forest where you can enjoy the wildlife more closely from an Open Gypsy. This is a never to be forgotten experience and you can cherish this memory for ever. Watching the animals, when they are in the most natural situations, is a great experience for tourists. You can hire the Open Gypsy for the safari and have a journey inside the forest for the allowed time. There is no better way to enjoy the wildlife than Open Gypsy Safaris. 


Elephant Safari


The Corbett national park has Elephant Safari facility for you which is an experience that you can really enjoy. The jungle safari, while sitting on an elephant, is the oldest form of safaris for the kings and you can really live this experience with the Elephant Safari. You can see the wildlife animal right in front of you from the elephant you are riding on. You will surely enjoy the ride as sitting on an elephant is a great feeling and it will make you feel a great ecstasy. The Elephant Safari can be booked and you can sit on the comfortable boxes on the elephants.


Rappelling/ River crossing/ Rock climbing


Enjoy the adventure activities like rappelling, river crossing, bridge fall and rock climbing. These activities are mostly arranged for group with strength above 15. The level of these activities are of that of beginners and all the safety measures are taken care of while performing these activities. They add on to the fun of staying at Corbett national park.


Adventure Activities near Kosi River in jim corbett national park


If you love adventure activities and sports then you will love the things that you can do near the Kosi river of Jim Corbett national park. There are there main adventure activity options available for you and they are rafting, bridge slithering and river crossing. The water flow of Koshi river becomes really fat at the monsoons and that’s the best time for river rafting. There is a 30 minute long river rafting option available for you. The rafting on the Kosi river is really instance and exciting too. You can have an adventures time and thrill that you will never forget.


The bridge slithering is another great adventure that you will surely love to do near the Jim Corbett national park. For this activity, you will be roped to the bridge on the Kosi river and then can jump on the water. The rope stops 6 feet above the water where boats will be waiting for you. The Kosi river crossing is a very interesting and exciting activity for sure. For this, there will be a rope with both the sides tied on the sides of the river. You can walk pass the river while thatched to the rope with modern equipments.



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